No Subscription Irish TV – SAORVIEW
With Saorview you have the best in Irish TV in digital form and you have the possibility to access free channels from the UK (using a Free To Air combo box). Whatever TV you love, Saorview has lots of it from soaps, drama, sport, travel, chat, documentaries, reality, and more besides.
Soarview has a range of options that allow you to access free TV in a way that suits you. For a set top box, via a smart TV, in your living room, bedroom or holiday home, connected to a satellite dish (Saorsat) to increase your access or with built in recorder to pause, rewind and record live TV.
From a standard Saorview box to a recordable HD box, we can provide you with an quick and easy installation service.
Weather you want to upgrade to a recordable box or you want to combine your FTA satellite box and your Saorview box into one convenient combo box just ring to arrange a free survey and estimate.